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Design Architecture that interprets your vision beautifully

As design architect, we know that design architecture is a creative process that connects to human interaction & performance with visuals that lead to final built project. These drawings or 3 dimensional interpretations lead to a physical design representation that solves Your Concept of what you wish to create in life by designing the physical environment around YOU.

Interior Finishes: is in the details

Finishing level of detail can address choices of budget, color, texture and quality to determine the aesthetic look representative with the actual materials and finishes to be used in the Project. Interior finishes and design are never separate from the architecture but one complete package. Space, proportion and light will add a different character of feel in different environments.

Modular Design: Build performance for a better quality life

Modular design, as efficiently as possible, faster and better collaboration by assembling the right design team and construction build team with the  products from the very beginning of the project. Just like the level of complexity increases in design so to the level of complexity increases in the built; with one difference: changes on paper are less costly.

About Design Architect Irena Škoda

Located in Long Island City, Queens, NY, serving Manhattan, New York City and its Outer Boroughs, Croatia & Worldwide

Hello, my name is Irena Škoda and I am grateful that we met in this online world. I am an Architect and Designer who completely believes our environment shapes our reality, well being and success. My mission, and my purpose is to empower one million homeowners who want to change their lives and change the world for the better, by choosing to live in a better homes and buildings than what status-quo dictates they should live in.
Irena Skoda, design architect, interior designer, founder of Skoda Design & Architecture design architects and architecture firm, Long Island City architects, interior designers, and painting contractors, servicing Manhattan, New York and its outer boroughs, Croatia and worldwide.
hand of a person, drawing a building plan, Irena Skoda architecture firm, Long Island City architects, interior designers, and painting contractors, servicing Manhattan, New York and its outer boroughs, Croatia and worldwide.

Our 5 stage design build process

We are not a Design Build firm but design architecture firm which integrates all the pieces from beginning to the end of the project. Throughout the duration of the design build project, all parties get to know one another, which makes for a more positive all around efficient and progressive result. I have been in the industry for 25+ years and have built up a network of valuable vendors, contractors and consultants that work as team collaborators to assure creative visions are met and every clients’ goals are achieved.

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Modular Product: Architecture as Art and Product

Is architecture a modular product? Most would agree that the differences between 19th, 20th, and now 21st century design and construction are distinctive and immediately apparent to the trained as well as the untrained eye. The distinctions, in fact, go beyond style...

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