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Introducing our design build process

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Simple processes lead to great project outcomes and unique ideas …. but first we must understand your goals and vision. Once we both determine we are a good fit, we move on to the next step in our design build process. Design is a development of complexities and in order to get to a successful final project design, and ultimately your project’s build, we support you every step of the way. We don’t like to work in a vacuum so assume you are one of our insider-designers. We know how important each project’s uniqueness is a contribution with understanding our client’s intentions. We make it simple for you to participate every step of the way.


Let’s talk

What do you want to achieve? In our design build strategy, we consider all aspects from property feasibility, vision, budget, timescales and lifestyle. At the bottom of the page below, tell us who you are; homeowner, developer or realtor, to help us place your request in order to schedule a call with either Irena Skoda or one of our design team.

team meeting discussing design build process, Irena Skoda design architects and interior designers, serving Manhattan, New York City, Long Island City, Croatia, and worldwide
design build drawing, Irena Skoda design architects and interior designers, serving Manhattan, New York City, Long Island City, Croatia and worldwide


We visualize your ideas

To define the concept design, our creative team will work on a full concept Interior and Architectural Design. The tools we use to bring your designs to life, tell your story and create architectural visualizations using 3D software and a virtual reality engine.


We develop the design

Developing the Design with the Details in mind, saves not only time and money but brings a greater understanding of the project early on when it is needed the most. During this design build process, approval with the Building Department and local requirements is obtained.

person writing with a pencil on a drawing board, Irena Skoda design architects and interior designers, serving Manhattan, New York City, Long Island City, Croatia and worldwide
interior design project picture by Irena Skoda design architects and interior designers, showcasing her design build process


We choose the finishes

Interior finishes, fixtures and equipment creates the overall look of the project. Architectural & interior design drawings defining the interior wall and floor finishes, lighting, reflected ceilings, kitchens, baths and FF&E specifications are defined with with costs from any third party contractors or consultants.


Time to build

Upon final approval of Architectural and Interior Design with the Finish Packages, we work closely with our trusted builders / suppliers to ensure the end result is a success.  We can provide construction administration from design to construction and to the final cushion install in order to keep the project moving every step.

young couple looking at their new home, showcasing Irena Skoda design architects and interior designers' design build process

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More to experience on the other side of the page, since we are continually developing our design build methods of communication and bringing you value. Regardless of what type of client you are, the process leads to successful outcomes when keeping in mind your deeper WHYs that guide the decision making. See you on the other side.

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