Interior Finishes and Design.

It’s all in the details

Interior Finishes Products

As more consumers differentiate between brands they value and their benefits, more of what goes into a build has to be vetted. Not all products are created equal and therefore a stringent process of identifying which products we use as interior finishes in our Projects has become part of our process. We believe in the future by starting with our interior finishes choices today.

woman sitting on her bed and reading a book in her new home, symbolizing the importance of picking the right interior finishes for human's well beings
interior finishes and design project picture by Irena Skoda Design Architects and Interior Designers, serving Manhattan, New York City, Long Island City, Croatia and worldwide

Finishing touches make all the difference

Our firm’s belief in a quality with a sustainable foundation of design and construction is our guiding passion. Seeing the details early on and the many individual parts of a project which create the whole building design is key. One part alone can not function without the sum of its parts. Most people conceive of architecture as being only the exterior and it is far from that alone. With today’s conscious well being environment, design is a full realization of exterior, finishes, and all its elements which create the final finished product.